Why Inexpensive Replacement Windows Don’t Save You Money

Inexpensive Window Replacements

Why Inexpensive Replacement Windows Don’t Save You Money If you are choosing vinyl for its economical cost, you should be aware that there are substantial differences between higher-quality vinyl and cheaper windows.  Inexpensive replacement windows are a myth and downgrading any one of the below factors will cost your energy-efficiency, reduce your investment’s long-term benefits, […]



101% ROI ON ENTRY DOORS Click here to see some of the beautiful new doors designs available through Clearview Window & Door Co.

All Black Windows and Doors

All Black Windows and Doors   New All Black Windows and Door Frames Find out how you can have ClearView Window and Door Company install all-black windows and patio doors from the Provia product line. The interior, exterior, and jamb pockets will all be painted black. All black windows and patio doors will have a slightly textured Matte […]

What are those black streaks on your roof?

Don't let the black streaks caused by algae ruin it.

Are you tired of seeing black streaks on your roof? The black streaks are caused by algae. We have an amazing new roofing option, shingles protected with Scotchgard 3M Protector. Call ClearView or click on the link at the top of this page for a free in-home estimate. Copper Fights Black Streaks Copper-containing granules with […]

Evaluating the Energy Performance of a Window Or Patio Door


The National Fenestration Ratings Council (NFRC) label on the new window or patio door shows the U-Value, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, and Visible Light Transmittance values. See above sample labels. The U-Value measures of the rate of heat loss through a window or door. The lower the U-Value, the greater a window’s resistance to heat […]

Knowing your Marvin materials – It’s more important than you think!

Marvin Windows and Doors by ClearView replacement windows

“The Marvin Family of Brands is one company with three brands that is dedicated to creating products that make the places where we live and work more meaningful.” – The Marvin Family of Brands  The material of your window decides many things. Not only does your choice determine the look, but the performance of your […]

#ClearView Clean

Our installers treat your home as if it is their own. Here’s what one of our installers, Danny had to say about our cleanliness procedures: “We follow strict procedures to make sure we leave a home cleaner than when we started! We lay down drop cloths and tarps to ensure that we never step on […]

Carpets & Furniture Fading? – Here’s How to Stop It

Photo of colorful room under natural light from windows

Many organic materials, such as carpet, fabrics, artwork, and wood will fade upon exposure to sunlight… Window selection can influence the type and intensity of transmitted radiation. When buying windows, ask for the ClearView window by OKNA that offers ClimaGuard™. These eleven optical tuned layers consist of multiple layers of metals whose combined thickness is […]

Window Safety – Protect Your Home & Family

Photo of window lock

Locking your windows to keep out what doesn’t belong in? Keeping the elements rain, snow, cold out? Avoiding the brutal UV rays from fading your carpets, hardwood, drapes and furniture? Window safety can mean all of these things. Our windows offer single and double safety locks to keep your family and valuables safely inside your […]

Cheap vs Quality Windows – Don’t “Roll the Dice”

Photo of a beautiful window scene

Shopping for new windows? How exciting! This can be a daunting task if you don’t educate yourself first. If you do it right, buying new windows is something that you will probably only do once in a lifetime. The most important thing to keep in mind is cheaper isn’t better. We’re certainly not suggesting you […]

How to Clean Your Windows like The Pros

Photo of person holding window cleaning items

It’s Saturday morning…. time to clean the windows! Want to wash away the streaks and smears? Here are our favorite tips to clean your windows just like the pros: The most important thing you can do after installing a quality window? Have the proper tool for the job! Squeegee with cloth cover (available on Amazon) […]

Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Windows

Photo of a window that needs replacing.

Take a long, hard look at your windows. Is it time to replace your windows? Does it seem like you are throwing money away with each monthly bill? Many people that replace their windows do it because of utility costs and energy efficiency. Replacing your old windows can mean huge savings. Customers have reported a reduced […]