“The Marvin Family of Brands is one company with three brands that is dedicated to creating products that make the places where we live and work more meaningful.”

– The Marvin Family of Brands 

The material of your window decides many things. Not only does your choice determine the look, but the performance of your Marvin window.

Number One: Wood
This classic material is not only beautiful, and a decent insulator, but it is also easy to repair. Sometimes, wood is the only option in historic neighborhoods. (Pro Tip: You should be sure there are no neighborhood specific rules on window material choice!)
Number Two: Clad-Wood
This is wood covered by an outside layer of metal. It is usually covered by aluminum and it is very low maintenance. On the inside, this material choice displays a beautiful wood interior, but on the outside it makes use of insulating properties.
Number Three: Fiberglass
This is a mix of spun-glass fiber and polyester resin. It is strong and holds up against the elements. Fiberglass is about as maintenance free as you can get!

Knowing your Marvin materials is an important step when buying. Talk to your ClearView salesperson about finding the best material for your home, neighborhood, style, and budget!

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