Clearview Windows

Clearview Window Benefits

  • Excellent value
  • Outstanding energy ratings: outperforms ENERGY STAR’s more stringent certification standards
  • A wide range of features and options to beautify your home
  • Always custom-made, ensuring a perfect fit for your home
  • Window spacers that insulate the glass better than solid form or metal
Clearview Windows

900 Series
900 Series

Clearview 900 Series Features:

  • Superior energy efficiency (equivalent of R-5 insulation)
  • Appearance of wood without warping issues
  • Does not absorb moisture and will not rot or require maintenance
  • The small cell microstructure of cellular material resists insects
  • Triple weather stripping provides tighter seals at contact points, significantly lowering air infiltration and water penetration

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800 Series
800 Series Example

Clearview 800 Series Features:

  • High-end replacement window combining superb craftsmanship with an old world look and feel
  • Offers a myriad of glass and structural options to seamlessly blend with any décor while providing the utmost in energy efficiency
  • Designed to provide optimum curb appeal and enhance the look of your home inside and out
  • Made using a heavier gauge vinyl and a 4 point welding process along with a reinforced interlocking window and sill
  • Can withstand sustained wind speeds of over 190 mph

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500 Series
500 Series Example

Clearview 500 Series Features:

  • Double hung windows regarded among the best-selling windows available
  • Combine the reliability and performance of a foam-filled window with the energy-efficient features needed to lower monthly heating and cooling bills
  • A perfect option for those seeking looks, reliability and energy-efficient performance.
  • Superior U-value thermal performance
  • 1000% improved air infiltration prevention
  • Innovative warm-edge non-metal Heatseal spacer reduces condensation
  • Triple-weatherstripped sashes with a foam-filled frame and great colonial lines form an exquisite appearance

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400 Series
400 Series Example

Clearview 400 Series Features:

  • Double hung windows that offer clean, modern lines, high-quality craftsmanship, and many options to beautify your home while making it energy efficient
  • Custom-made to ensure a perfect fit which translates to savings on time and labor during installation. The 400 Series has fusion welded beveled frame & sash for strength and durability, heavy gauge fully extruded handles on both sashes and fiberglass mesh half screens which are standard on all windows.

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